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GroundSwell Adds Two New Board Members

GroundSwell, a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation dedicated to creating sustainable revenue sources for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, announces the addition of David Desharnais and Belinda Rodman to its board of directors.

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NW Startup Funding Nonprofits

GroundSwell is shaking up the philanthropic world with a sustainable revenue-sharing approach designed for nonprofit organizations. This month, the company – whose mission is to sustainably fund organizations that make the world a better place – kicked off its final round of investment crowdfunding to raise $1 million for its public launch this fall.

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Common Questions

There’s lots to know about GroundSwell and what we’re up to. Here’s the most common.
What does GroundSwell Do?

GroundSwell redirects fees that used to go to big banks and shares them with organizations making the world a better place. We partner with nonprofits to create co branded Visa debit cards to give to their supporters. Every time they use the card to make a purchase, we share the processing fees with the nonprofit. These are organizations that are doing important work, but don’t have enough money to fulfill their mission.

How do I get a card?

When your favorite nonprofit becomes a Groundswell partner, you will receive the opportunity to join the Groundswell movement!  If you are interested in being an investor, you can also receive a Groundswell investor card.  Click here for more information

How can I get my nonprofit to become a Groundswell partner?

We are launching with our first beta nonprofits in October of 2017.  Click here for more information on how to become a partner.

Why hasn’t someone else done this?

In 2010 two significant regulatory actions occurred that created opportunities for smaller companies to compete against global banking institutions.  Groundswell SPC is jumping in for the greater good with our innovative solution to funding nonprofits.  Big banks are for profit and their focus is on revenue – we are Money On Mission.

Are Groundswell cards credit cards?

No.  This is not a credit card program.  These are custom branded Visa debit cards – just like a checking account.  There are no credit checks, annual fees or interest.

How much does this cost my nonprofit organization?

There are no costs to the nonprofit.  Our mission is to get as much money as possible to the nonprofit organizations.  We pay all the upfront expenses and the banking system pays the nonprofit.

What fees are associated with these cards?

We do not charge any fees to the cardholder or the nonprofit they support.