Create A Better Future for Non-Profit Organizations.

We believe that big changes start with small decisions. We started GroundSwell based on this principle. By using one of our non-profit cards, you can help fund a cause of your choice. The GroundSwell debit card allows you to help support our mission and provide services to all our partner non-profit organizations.

  • No annual or monthly fees 
  • Rewards with great discounts


    Banks make $90 billion a year from processing our debit and credit card purchases.

    What if you could turn your purchases into the structure that non-profit organizations need to find funding and succeed?

    GroundSwell wants to empower millions of people to use their everyday purchases as a force for good. Think of the long-term impact we can make together by funding non-profit organizations in their missions.
    The GroundSwell debit card puts the power back into your hands. The banks don’t need more money—non-profit organizations do. If we do this together, we can ensure that non-profits have sustainable, consistent funding from supporters.

    How It Works.

    Get Your Card

    Get a GroundSwell debit card. It’s a Visa debit card with a mobile app.

    Transfer Funds

    Transfer money to the GroundSwell debit card, using your existing bank. Use it just like you normally would.

      Spend & Get Rewards

      Every time you make a purchase, 1% supports these non-profit organizations and GroundSwell’s mission. It doesn’t come out of your pocket. Plus, you get rewards.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this a credit card?

      No, it’s not a credit card – it’s a Visa debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

      Does this mean I have to change banks?

      No, you can keep your current bank accounts – however, only the purchases you make with your GroundSwell Card will earn 1% for the great causes GroundSwell Supports.

      Does it require a credit check?

      No, it does not require a credit check, however we are required to verify your identity with your social security number. 

      Is this card FDIC insured?

      Yes, your card is FDIC insured through our partner Axiom Bank N.A.. 

      What is GroundSwell?

      GroundSwell is a social purpose corporation working with organizations that improve life. We partner with qualified nonprofits and their supporters to generate sustainable funding for important causes.

      Why GroundSwell?

      GroundSwell isn’t just a social purpose corporation with a big mission. We are backed by forward-thinking banking partners. We offer the same safety and the security you’ve come to expect for your money.

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      This card is issued by Axiom Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
      By using this card you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated within the Cardholder Agreement.

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