The 4-H Grows Here Debit Card works like no other card.

The California 4-H Foundation is excited to share this innovative, grassroots method for raising money, sustainably, without cost to our communities or to 4-H. We’re working with GroundSwell, a social purpose corporation that empowers people to use their everyday purchasing as a force for good.


  • Good for 4-H youth: 4-H youth and programs get the benefit of ongoing, sustainable funding according to their county’s participation!
  • Good for you: Zero recurring fees, no credit check, and you keep your existing bank account. Plus…immediate, ongoing rewards worth hundreds of dollars and more!
  • Good for CA 4-H: This California 4-H Grows Here Visa Debit Card turns everyday purchases into donations for 4-H in your county, at no additional cost to you or to 4-H.
Banks make $90 billion a year from processing our debit and credit card purchases. 

Instead, what if you could turn your purchases into donations for your 4-H county, raising money without more coming out of your pocket? When you use a  4-H Grows Here Visa Debit Card from GroundSwell, up to 1% of your total purchases goes to 4-H youth in your county. 

The California 4-H community is leading the way to develop the next generation of True Leaders. The 4-H Grows Here Visa Debit Card is a powerful way for us to collaborate on this shared goal, without extra effort.
Imagine being able to provide an extra $10 a month to help 4-H youth, without it coming out of your pocket. Simply put $1,000 of your normal monthly spending on this card (e.g., online purchases, a few bills, groceries, etc.). It really adds up, if we all join together. 

Where does the money come from?

Whenever you use a card, merchants pay a processing fee. By using the 4-H Grows Here Visa Debit Card, up to 1% of your total purchases helps youth in your county. That money comes from the processing fee the merchant pays, not your pocket.


Free of monthly fees and no credit check.


Connect the card to your existing bank account – no need to change your current bank.


FDIC Insured. Real-time confirmation of purchase and balance via SMS or email.


Immediate rewards for food, shopping, travel, and even local merchants.

Big changes start with small decisions.

Before we initiate a rollout in 2020, we’d like to get your feedback. When the card is ready you can be the first to learn more from California 4-H Foundation and GroundSwell. 
Thank you for your thoughts! Your responses or personal information will not be shared for any purpose beyond the development of the 4-H Foundation/GroundSwell as described on this page.
A portion of the proceeds will be used to support 4-H educational programs. No endorsement of the product is implied or intended.

Cards are issued by Axiom Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. By using this card you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement.