Purchase with Purpose. Here’s How It Works:

GroundSwell partners with qualified nonprofit organizations to give their supporters a debit card with special powers. We call it a Cause Card – because you can give financial support, without donating more or doing more. How? Because GroundSwell redirects the majority of merchant transaction fees to your cause, every time you spend.

a man making an online purchase on his laptop with the GroundSwell card

Sign up, and we’ll send you your Cause Card.

A woman with the GroundSwell card checking her phone

Transfer money to the Cause Card, using your existing bank. Use it just like you normally would.

a woman accepting the GroundSwell card for a purchase at a coffee shop

Now every time you spend, a portion of the card fees associated with your purchase goes to your cause. Not to the bank!

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No worries — there are no recurring fees using this card, and no credit check.

You Can Change Everything.

Use your spending power to fund important causes.

Our Twist?

It doesn’t cost you a dime.

$90 Billion for the Banks.

That’s what we unknowingly provide to banks each year just by swiping our cards. Watch the video to find out more and learn what GroundSwell does.

How does GroundSwell help me?

We build cards that are safe, simple, secure, and just plain good for people to use.

GroundSwell cardholder making a purchase at a coffee shop

use your card anywhere

Reloadable debit cards for use anywhere VISA is accepted. You’re in control. We believe no one should incur debt to support a good cause.

keep your bank account

You can keep your existing bank account. Simply move money onto the cause card and determine who benefits from your everyday spending – your cause, not the bank.

no annual fees

No annual or monthly fees are charged to you. No overdraft or late fees. FDIC insured.

easy sign up

Sign up is easy. No credit check.

Extra good for you.

We build cards that are safe, simple, secure, and just plain good for people to use.

Receive daily joy

…without having to spend more. It feels great every time you purchase. Why not have some of that?

Know your impact

You can see your impact grow the more purchases you make on the card. Our mobile app helps you manage your card on the go and feel great doing it!

How is GroundSwell different?

Empowering people who improve life is GroundSwell’s sole purpose. We just happen to repurpose the tools built into our financial system to do it.

Sustainable funding.

Nonprofit causes gain a recurring revenue stream by making it easy for their members, fans and community to support them, without having to give more. It’s time the system worked better for the causes that are improving life for people and the planet.

The GroundSwell story.

The U.S. looked different, and not in a great way, when a doctor returned after seven years creating a world-renowned wellness resort in Nicaragua. He decided to do something big to address what he saw. Meet our founder, Dan.

A world in need of balance.

GroundSwell wants to empower millions of people to use their everyday purchases as a force for good.

Join the movement.

We’ve felt the same responsibility as you do to do something lasting to improve life on this planet. We also know we can’t do it alone. GroundSwell is a social purpose corporation, and you are invited to join our effort. Together, our individual actions hold unlimited power.  

Purchase with Purpose

 Put your power of conscious spending to work.Now that you know there is a better way to work the system to improve life, at no cost to you, why give all that power away? Be the thoughtful change-maker.

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